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R.D. Champagne

What is R.D. Champagne? R.D. is an abbreviation of 'récemment dégorgé' and used to describe Champagnes recently disgorged or 'dégorgement tardif' which all are Champagnes that are DL or 'Disgorged Late'.  R.D. Champagne was first created by Madame Bollinger in 1952.

'Disgorgement' is the removal of the frozen sediment (yeast) collected at the neck of the inverted bottle after the secondary fermentation, at the end of the Champagne's ageing process. R.D. is where the Champagne has an extended period of aging (extra age) on the lees prior to disgorgement. Delaying the disgorgement just prior to the release of the bottling of the Champagne retains the wines freshness and vitality. Late disgorged wines have an impressive capacity to age, choose from our selection by Brand or Price of DL Champagnes.

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