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Pommery Champagne

Champagne Pommery is available at The Champagne Company and their brand house and production is located in Reims in the Champagne region of France.

The Champagne House was founded as Pommery Greno in 1858 by Alexander Louis Pommery and Narcisse Greno. Alexander's widow, Louise Pommery dedicated the Company to Champagne production soon becoming one of the regions largest Champagne brands. In1874 Madame Pommery, affectionately nicknamed la Dame aux Roses (the Lady of the Roses) created the first vintage brut in the history of Champagne. Today this revolutionary dry style is now the standard in Champagne.

Cuvée Louise Champagne is created in Louise Pommery's name. In 1874 Pommery created the very first successfully marketed Brut Champagne.

To assure the quality associated with this original innovation, Pommery used grapes from 300 ha of Grand Cru vineyards on the Montagne de Reims and the Côtes de Blancs. Consistent top quality, together with the variety and innovation afforded by nine different crus, from the Brut Royal to the divine Cuvée Louise, is what sets Pommery apart from other Grandes Marques.

Pommery boasts some of the finest cellars in Reims, with over 18 kilometres of galleries hollowed out of chalk. Residing some 30 metres under the ground, these keep the maturing wine at a steady 10°c throughout the year.

Pommery Champagne


Pommery Champagnes are expertly crafted by Chef de Cave, Chef du Cave is Clément Pierlot.

The 10th Cellar Master of Pommery oversees the whole operation from vine to press to bottle, producing thousands of bottles a year, aged in an 18km network of underground cellars; responsible for the blends of the Maison’s different vintages, like the iconic Brut Royal, Brut Millésimé and Cuvées de Prestige, the Cuvée Louise and Cuvée Louise Rosé.

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