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Ruinart Champagne

Ruinart Champagne is available at The Champagne Company. Ruinart is the oldest Champagne house and was founded by visionary Monk Dom Thierry, one of the first to recognise the importance of the Champagne business. The House of Ruinart was founded on September 1, 1729, by Nicolas Ruinart. For Champagne bottle storage, Ruinart acquired its ancient crayères underneath the city of Reims where today there are 8 kilometres of Ruinart cellars.

Ruinart combines delicacy and subtle freshness, all from the finest grapes, skilful blending and extensive ageing in the 2000 year old cellars, said to be the most historically beautiful cellars in France.

Ruinart portrays excellence and luxury combined within the distinctly shaped Ruinart bottle, found at only the most luxurious and enigmatic restaurants and establishments.

Among popular Ruinart Champagne bottles, find Ruinart Rosé half bottle, Ruinart Brut and Dom Ruinart Rosé Vintage.

Ruinart Champagne


Ruinart is shaking up the norms with their eco-friendly innovation of the 'Second Skin' case that encases their bottles, preserving the Champagne until tasting. This design aims to reduce waste and to fully recycle materials without denaturing the Ruinart taste or experience.

Maison Ruinart has always been committed to its authentic vision and so this case perfectly marries the emblematic silhouette of the House's signature bottle. The seal is imprinted with the Maison's monogram on a closure system that is discreet, stylish and intuitive.

After 7 prototypes of pulped paper cases, the creators arrived at this design which also adds a protective layer to filter out light waves and to withstand several hours in an ice bucket.

Top 8 Most Popular Ruinart Champagne

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