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Lanson Champagne

Lanson Champagne is available at The Champagne Company and began in 1760 when Francois Delamotte started making and selling his own brand of Champagne. In 1786, he took on a new partner Jean-Baptiste Lanson. In 1856, the Lanson family gained full control and the name was changed to Lanson Pere Fils. Lanson is famous for blocking the malolactic fermentation, preventing the conversion of malic acid to softer lactic acid. The end result is a full-flavoured bracing fresh wine which needs time in order to shed its acidity and show its richness.

Lanson has been the Champagne of choice at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament for over 25 years and is also one of the oldest holders of the Royal Warrant. Recently, Lanson has produced two new wines - the Lanson Green Label Organic Champagne and also the Clos Lanson with grapes exclusively from a one-hectare plot within the walled city of Reims.

Among popular Lanson Champagne bottles, find Lanson Wimbledon Champagne, Lanson Organic and Lanson White Label.

Lanson Champagne


Lanson Champagne's association with Wimbledon has long been regarded as a symbol of elegance, prestige, and celebration. In the year 2023, this historic partnership continues to thrive, creating an extraordinary fusion of tennis excellence and the finest sparkling wine.

As one of the world's most renowned and respected sporting events, Wimbledon stands as a timeless testament to tradition, grace, and exceptional athleticism. Lanson Champagne, with its rich heritage dating back to 1760, perfectly complements the tournament's esteemed reputation, delivering a sensory experience that epitomizes sophistication and luxury.

This year with the new, delicately-styled 2023 Wimbledon Editions, Lanson Champagne and Wimbledon create a harmonious marriage of two iconic brands, united in their pursuit of perfection, as they enchant spectators and players alike with a combination of exquisite taste and extraordinary sporting moments.

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