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Le Mesnil Champagne

Le Mesnil is a Cooperative Champagne House that was founded in 1937. 100% of their vineyards are now ranked as 'Grand Cru', situated in Le Mesnil sur Oger in the heart of the Cotes des Blancs. The region is famous for its superb Chardonnay grapes with delicious white skin and flesh producing outstanding Blanc de Blancs Champagnes. 

Each and every step of Le Mesnil's winemaking process is carried out with respect for the traditions that have been continued since the house began creating wines. They are proud to offer cuvees with unique characters and inimitable flavours, perfect for accompanying the greatest moments in life.  

Le Mesnil Champagne


Champagne Le Mesnil boasts exceptional terroir and, therefore, grapes of impeccable quality. Grand Cru soils are precious and manage to provide a harmonious development of grapes that go on to produce great wines. Wine Writers and Critics across the globe are repeatedly impressed by Le Mesnil's exceptional wines.

"A Grand Cru Chardonnay is not only rare, it is a gold sparkle".
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