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Champagne Geoffroy

Champagne Geoffroy dates back to the 17th Century where a few acres of vineyards were cultivated by ancestors and have since been handed down through generations, gradually developing a brand inspired by new prospects, new ideas and previous experience. 

The vineyard comprises 14 hectares over the slopes of Damery, Hautvillers, Fleury-la-Rivière and Cumières - this last village is classified as 'premier cru' and is nestled in between the river Marne and the slopes exposed to the southeast. Champagne Geoffroy vineyard is a mosaic of 35 plots of this land where 3 grape varieties are grown and are able to fully express themselves and reap the benefits of their microclimate. 


Champagne Geoffroy


The same levels of spirit and respect that are upheld in the vineyards are also maintained in the cellars at Champagne Geoffrey along with patience, attention to detail and purity. Samples are taken before harvest so that the grapes are only picked when perfectly ripe and after being sorted, they are pressed in two traditional Coquard presses to draw the finest juices possible.

In the winery, they rely on gravity alone to transfer the juice from the press to the winemaking tanks where it flows weightlessly and effortlessly into enamelled vats, each selected according to the potential of each grape. Once filled, the bottles are stored in the deep chalk cellars of Ay for 3 to 8 years, depending on the vintages.

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