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Rare Champagne

Rare Champagne is produced only in very limited quantities with only eleven vintages declared over the past forty years of production. Cellar Master, Régis Camus selects grapes from exclusive, distinctive, singular years where nature has been tamed and time and expertise unveil an outstanding vintage Champagne. 

Rare Champagne appeals to all five senses - the complex and pure flavours that flood the palate for taste, the stunning textured gold tiara on the bottle for both touch and sight, the slender bottleneck that encourages a unique whispering flow for hearing and the rare and specific aromas that exude when opened for scent. This is a true experience in the form of an unrivalled Champagne. 

Rare Champagne


The bottle design for Rare Champagnes is known as 'Pinte Majeure' and is perfectly symmetrical as it was when it was originally mouthblown. The soft curves of this bottle shape pay tribute to Marie Antoinette, renowned for her ability to set new standards, just as Rare Champagne intends to.

The bottles are adorned with a delicate gold tiara design that encircles it almost like a piece of jewellery, designed by Pierre-Karl Fabergé, paying homage to its glamorous beginnings and the glory days of the royal court at Versailles where founder, Florens-Louis Heidsieck presented his very first prestige cuvée that he declared 'worthy of a queen'.

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