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Château Galoupet

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In 2019 in the heart of Provence, Jessica Julmy saw the opportunity to restore the natural beauty of Château Galoupet and to create exceptional wines from Provence that reflect the beauty of the land and respects the nature surrounding it. At Château Galoupet, nature meets craft and there is a lot of care and precision in the vineyard and the winery to ensure Château Galoupet get the best out of each individual plot and grape variety. 

Château Galoupet has a strong focus on sustainable solutions for their wine bottles using a 499g amber bottle made from 70% recycled glass for their Château Galoupet Cru Classé Côtes de Provence Rosé Wine and the Château Galoupet Nomade Provence Rosé Wine innovates in an eco-flat bottle made from 100% recycled POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic) making this one of most sustainable packaging options on the market.

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