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Henri Giraud Champagne

Henri Giraud Champagne is available at The Champagne Company and Giraud's history in Champagne began with the Hémart family, descendants of Henri IV, who settled permanently in Ay at the beginning of the 17th century. In the 20th century, Leon Giraud married a Miss Hémart where he reconstructed the magnificent family vineyard and grafted vines on the cuttings taken from certain American vines.

Over the centuries, the wines of Ay have been classed among the world’s fines and the Giraud-Hémart family own an incredible 35 parcels of Grand Cru land in Aÿ, 26 with Pinot Noir and 9 with Chardonnay. Today Claude Giraud is the 12th generation of the Giraud-Hémart family in Ay and lovingly oversees this family House.

Henri Giraud Champagne


Henri Giraud chooses terroir expression and the complex science of ageing, in lieu of focusing on dosage or blending as others tend to do. Champagne Henri Giraud is clearly cultivating its own distinct identity in the world of champagne, now with Claude Giraud at the helm and help of his son-in-law, Sébastien Le Golvet (cellarmaster since the mid-2000s), he has succeeded in establishing the Henri Giraud Champagne House as a reference for collectors and champagne enthusiasts the world over.

The #EnergyInside of Henri Giraud is great wines first and foremost, soft effervescence underpinning the raw material, leading you gently towards the revelation of an incredible vibrancy.

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