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Salon Champagne

Salon Champagne is available at The Champagne Company and was created in 1911 with first vintage 1905, Champagne Salon is the creation of one man, a champagne connoisseur enchanted then seduced by the terroir of Le Mesnil. At the beginning of the 20th century he just created the Blanc de Blancs. The first known vintage was 1905. Now that the tragedy of the war was over, he was encouraged by his numerous friends to profit more fully from his wine and the house of Salon was created, to cater for his new clientele.

Champagne Salon was the result of Eugène-Aimé Salon's lifelong devotion to creating the quintessential Champagne. Chardonnay in his view is the sole grape capable of yielding Champagne of requisite focus and mineral finesse.

Eugène-Aimé Salon scoured the Champagne region for suitable sites, planting his vineyard which is the now famous Jardin de Salon on the deep chalk soils of Le Mesnil - one of Champagne’s only grand cru villages.

Salon is a unique Champagne. All the emphasis in the production of this exceptional wine is on the singular. It was originally the product of one single man, Aimé Salon; from one single region, the Côte de Blancs; from one single cru, le Mesnil-sur-Oger; from one single grape variety, Chardonnay; and from one single vintage, with no blending whatsoever. 

Salon Champagne


The apparent simplicity of this formula hides the challenges inherent in creating a wine of such complexity such as Salon. It is testament to Eugène-Aimé’s vision, that the conditions and traditions he began continue to be upheld in the production of this legendary Champagne, made on average only three times per decade.

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