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Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates are beautifully curated with character and exceptional flavours. These luxurious chocolate treats are handsomely packaged making them the perfect artisan gift for somebody special.

First established on the King’s Road in London in 1983, today Rococo Chocolates are award-winning, achieving multiple accolades across their whole range. Expertly crafted by their own chocolatiers showcasing the best of British creativity and craft. The provenance of their ethically sourced ingredients is at the core of the business and striving for sustainable farming practices and facing social challenges.

We love the Marc de Champagne Truffles and Sea Salt Chocolate Thins - and the elegantly Dusted Chocolate Almonds are wonderful for any after-dinner deliciousness!

Rococo Chocolates


At Rococo Chocolates they pride themselves on five core brand ideals, to define and set them apart from the crowd.

Taste - Everything produced tastes special. This is due to painstaking craftsmanship at the hands of their chocolatiers and the quality of ingredients used.

British Creativity – this is both reflected in the exceptional flavours and the iconic visual design of the packaging.

Quality – sourcing the best quality ingredients that have also been ethically and sustainably produced.

Originality - Creating chocolates that are imaginative and artistic for the discerning and adventurous customer.

Experience – Designed to evoke emotion and connection and create new memories.

Chocolates with Character and British Heritage

On the top floor of Rococo Towers in South London sits one of the most important rooms at Rococo Chocolates. With a stunning panorama of London in the background, it’s here that their team of dedicated and skilled chocolatiers are coming up with delicious new recipes and producing their award-winning Couture collection of truffles and caramels.
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