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Penfolds was first established in 1948 with a history almost as old as the foundation of the country itself. Penfolds has always strived to create wines of immense quality and personality, and their record unbroken line of outstanding vintage releases is both proof and a result of that. Based in South Australia, the vineyard has had a lineage of custodians and caretakers that have been carefully chosen for their humility, precision and imagination to continue the legacy of Penfolds. Penfolds is, and has always been, constantly trying to utilize their knowledge and experience in order to remain on top of global winemaking trends and innovations, never allowing their own traditions to get in the way of newer and better ways to make wine. They rely on the “practice of constantly reviewing the wines it already does well” in order to achieve the maximum potential of the vineyards.

With a focus on Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, but holding a large portfolio that includes other grape varieties as well, their wines are consistent throughout all price ranges and vintages. But, most importantly, they all have the special quality that can only be achieved by 170 years of experience and tradition.

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