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Gratiot-Pillière Champagne

Winemakers from fathers to sons since 1657 on the slopes of the Marne Valley, each generation has handed down its know-how and passion and toiled towards the growth and protection of each and every plant in order to produce great quality grapes.

Based in Charly sur Marne in the Champagne Region's southern part of the Aisne Department near Château-Thierry, our Maison Champagne Gratiot-Pillière is located less than an hour from Paris. With vines over 50 years old, today their vineyards are according to the principles of sustainable viticulture with the greatest respect of the environment.

Their subtle blends of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir giving balance, crispness and delicate fruitiness and family values are winning International Wine Challenge Silver & Bronze Awards and Gold & Silver Vinalies Internationales across the collection.

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