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Krug Ambassade

The Champagne Company is a "Krug Ambassade" and as such, part of a network of unique Ambassadors, reflecting the spirit of the House of Krug, who are constantly inviting consumers to discover or rediscover Krug and to experience its champagnes with enthusiasm and passion. We are the only online retailer in the world to have been awarded this accolade.

"After tasting Krug, I am always left with how Krug is an adventure to taste - Krug Champagne, should be discovered, understood and enjoyed as soon as you are ready to explore ... the Grand Cuveé as a multi vintage with its complexity of wines over several vintages is the one I always enjoy to go back to - the Krug ID makes discovering the Grand Cuvee even more  of a journey" says Simon Ransom-Tester of The Champagne Company, Krug Ambassade and member of the L'Academie du Champagne.

"Technology and development are always at the forefront of our business and the Krug ID is an innovation that allows our Customers to really dive into and immerse themselves within the history and craftsmanship that is at the heart of all Krug Champagnes."

Behind every precious drop of Krug Champagne stands the dream of a visionary. One man who, long before others, understood that the essence of Champagne is pleasure. Over 170 years ago, Joseph Krug broke with convention to follow his vision. To create the most generous expression of Champagne every year, regardless of climatic unpredictability. Joseph’s bold experiment proved a triumph and he succeeded in creating Champagne like never before. And like no other Champagne House since. To this day, the House of Krug lives and breathes his enduring philosophy, creating only prestige Champagnes since 1843. "A good House should create only two Champagnes of the same quality". Joseph Krug wrote in his notebook; Champagne No.1, to be the fullest expression of Champagne every single year, and Champagne No.2, the expression of the circumstances of a particular year captured by Krug, and created only in the years where there is an interesting story to tell. We know it today as Krug Vintage. It is a Champagne which is not a selection of the best wines of a superlative year, but the blend of beautifully expressive wines from the year.

Joseph Krug did not believe in hierarchies between his champagnes. He maintained that all Krug champagnes were all of the same undisputed quality, each illustrating a different expression of Nature. The only factor deciding value would be rarity. And so it is today.

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Krug Ambassade


ln February, a group of Krug Ambassade Chefs embarked on an unconventional adventure off the coast of Mallorca, exploring the creative possibilities that their own single ingredient - fish - can inspire.

Armed only with their creative minds and a handful of tools, they set off with local fishermen to unearth the sea’s greatest treasure. They let their imaginations run wild to create delectable fish dishes that unlock remarkable sensations when paired with a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Rosé.
These culinary talents are Krug Lovers to their very soul who seek to craft new experiences to share with others. Their passion, determination and creative rigour recall those of the House of Krug's founder, Joseph Krug, a non-conformist with an uncompromising vision to create the very best Champagne every year, regardless of variations in climate.
With his unique approach founded on individuality as its enduring guide, Krug celebrates the sea’s most sundry single ingredient, fish, and the many pleasures it can reveal when paired with Krug Champagne.

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