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Ysabel Regina PX Aged Brandy 70cl

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Ysabel Regina is a blend of the finest brandies and cognacs aged in “moist” Pedro Ximenez casks; the perfect start for a noble spirit. This pedigree cross-breeding is at the heart of Ysabel Regina, adding to our enjoyment of each cocktail which uses her as a base. A drink´s ability to be mixed harmoniously with others to create something truly sublime, as if Scarlett Johansson were to be seen in the company of some average Joe, turning him into the object of envy of every mortal male. Well, the same is true of Ysabel Regina: she improves everything she is mixed with. 

Blending the most noble of elements guarantees that no-one who drinks Ysabel Regina remains indifferent. This regal cross-breeding is part of the very essence

Appearance: Clear, bright and golden. Aroma: Cognac-like nose with créme caramel, burnt sugar, sauternes and butter with a gentle smokiness Taste: Spirit, sweet but aggressive, with bitter burnt toffee rum-like notes, burnt raisins, perhaps hard to place as a brandy in a blind tasting. Sweet brandy butter ans vanilla. Finish: Jamaican estery rum notes emerge on the burnt toffee finish, with pedro Ximenez right at the end.

of Ysabel Regina just as the electric guitar is the soul of Rock ´n´Roll.

More Information
Spirit Brand Ysabel Regina
Country Spain
Volume (cl) 70
ABV (% vol) 42
Love it!
Absolutely delicious for Christmas. Like mince pies in a glass with a nice warmth.

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