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Cocktails & Mixers

Making a French 75 Champagne cocktail? Champagne, gin, lemon and sugar syryp is an easy one, or try a Mango or Peach Bellini or your typical Mimosa with orange juice. Make one of the most popular Champagne Cocktails - the Kir Royale with Creme de Cassis - we have a wide collection of naturally made fruit syrups by Edmond Briottet or sweet syrups by Giffard and Monin.

Need Ideas for good mixers for spirits? The best Vodka mixers For Stocking your home cocktail bar with is a good sparkling water, or soda water, the liquid is all the same and it's a perfect mixer for vodka. Aromatic tonic water or spicy sweet Ginger beer mixes well with lemon. Cranberry Juice is another good mixer for Vodka.

To mix cocktails With Tequila try syrups or mixers of apple, Chocolate and espresso, pineapple or blood oranges with cherry liqueur. Try mixing grapefruit juice and orange juice, cranberry and grape, or another of your favorite juice combinations. Strong citrus fruits, like lemon and pink grapefruit can also be mixed with gin but are better combined with syrups to dilute the sourness.

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