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Grande Marque Champagne Collections

'Grande Marques' translates from French to English literally meaning ‘big brands’ and where Champagne is the most brand-conscious part of the wine sector, and with many Champagne Houses or 'Maisons' having hundreds of years of family-winemaking and heritage behind them, this label and dominance matters.

As The Champagne Company, we present the widest collection of Champagne available online and offer the possibility to choose across the Houses, specially curated selections of Grande Marques Champagnes with their 'House style' Champagne - which are presented in options of Grande Marques I and II in order to showcase the wide collection we represent.

Purchase as a collection to taste several previously un-tried houses, or perhaps choose the current selection of vintages to cellar or, to feel sure you are providing a collection of the ultimate Champagne brands as a magnificent gift. Discover more extraordinary cases of Champagne here...

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