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Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash Whiskey 37.5cl


White Dog is the affectionate name given to un-aged whiskey “Moonshine”. The first explorers drank this distillate straight from the still and gave it its name; only later was it discovered that if laid down in freshly charred oak barrels it produced bourbon. White Dog Mash #1 offers an interesting insight into the development of these bourbons and is an increasingly popular cocktail ingredient, due to its strength and neutrality.

Sweet, spicy smooth start, mellow mouth-feel. Sweeter than other corn whiskies, but balanced out with a heavy spice of rye and earthy barley notes to give depth and complexity. A great blending of grains to make a harmonious young tasty whiskey, indeed a naked whiskey, which does not hide behind wood



White Dog can be used in many cocktails, working well in variations of a Tom Collins, Manhattan or Whiskey Sour. Create an alternative Pisco Sour, ‘The Pit Bull’, by swapping out the Pisco for White Dog.

More Information
Spirit Brand Buffalo Trace
Whisky Type Bourbon
Country United States
Volume (cl) 37.5
ABV (% vol) 62.5
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