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Handy Champagne Bottle Size and Serving Guide

In our eyes, there is no bigger issue than running out of Champagne. Whether you are hosting a group of friends, family or colleagues and whatever the occasion, opening a bottle of Champagne is the perfect way to create lasting memories.

We understand that your guests are important and we have therefore created a useful size guide to ensure there is plenty to go around. Champagne houses tend to choose their Brut Champagne to create their full range of sizes. Rosé Champagnes are also available in a bigger bottle but rarely go beyond a Champagne magnum. A standard Champagne bottle contains 75cl of Champagne filling approximately 6 to 8 glasses - depending on your glass or flute size*. If you are expecting more guests or you have a lot of celebrating to do, you may want to go with a bigger bottle. Large Champagne bottles are named after biblical figures and are always filled with Champagne that has been fermented either in standard or magnum sized bottles. If you are celebrating a special moment between two, certain Champagne houses also produce smaller bottle sizes such as 20cl or 37.5cl which are ideal for just a glass or two each. *Bear in mind glass sizes do vary, but 'best practice pouring' of a 3/4 full glass of Champagne gives a handy size guide with a comparison as to how much Champagne is in each.

Bottle : Size : Equivalent

Mini Bottle 20cl ¼ Standard Bottle Serves Approx 2

Half Bottle 37.5cl ½ Standard Bottle Serves Approx 3

Standard 75cl 1 Standard Bottle Serves Approx 6

Magnum 150cl 2 Standard Bottles Serves Approx 12

Jeroboam 300cl 4 Standard Bottles Serves Approx 24

Methuselah 600cl 8 Standard Bottles Serves Approx 48

Salmanazar 900cl 12 Standard Bottles Serves Approx 72

Balthazar 1200cl 16 Standard Bottles Serves Approx 96

Nebuchadnezzar 1500cl 20 Standard Bottles Serves Approx 120