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How to Serve Champagne
9 November 2022 116 view(s)

Storing Champagne

Champagne must be kept at between 10 and 12°C, away from light and interfering odours and preferably stored on its side to keep the cork moist.


Chilling Champagne

The best way to chill Champagne is by using an half-filled with water and ice. Leaving the bottle in for twenty minutes will be enough. Champagne should be served at the table at around 8°C (that means chilled, but not icy), to be tasted at between 9 and 10°C. If the temperature is too low, it will prevent the development of flavours and aromas. Mature Champagne must be tasted at a slightly higher temperature.

Keeping Champagne in the fridge longer than a few days is not recommended as unless is it a specialist temperature and humidity-controlled wine fridge, the air is too dry which will spoil your Champagne and if too cold, the fridge environment will dry out the cork and may let oxygen inside the bottle.


Tasting Champagne 

For the best, tasting experience, an open champagne flute is recommended, whose shape allows the aromas to express themselves and for the sparkle to reach its full potential.

Choosing a Champagne glass to drink this beautiful drink from is a personal preference, and some prefer a long, tall champagne flute, while others prefer a more tulip-shaped flute.

The tulip shape with a wider angle of glass allows plenty of room for the wine to breathe, perfect for revealing the bouquet and freshness of Champagnes and other sparkling wines. The classic 1950's Champagne saucer or coupe is a much loved classic and while the bubbles may escape more quickly due to the greater surface area, there is something very classy, with a true feel-good factor, when sipping Champagne from an elegant Champagne saucer.