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11 April 2022 86168 view(s)

Champagne is probably the most prestigious and famous wine in the world, and as such, it has become the perfect beverage for celebrations and creating lasting memories. But… how many glasses are in a Champagne bottle? What sizes of Champagne bottles are there? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Champagne bottles available.


Table of Contents:

What to know about Champagne bottles

  • A standard Champagne bottle contains 75cl of Champagne giving you approximately 6 to 8 glasses of Champagne depending on your glass or flute size.
  • The three most popular champagne bottles are mini (20cl), standard (75cl) and Magnum (1.5L).
  • Champagne uses a total of 9 varieties of bottle formats, some for pure functionality and others specially designed to capture the special occasion for which the champagne is intended.
  • Champagne bottles are named after biblical figures and are filled with Champagne that has been fermented in standard bottles or magnums.
  • Rosé Champagnes are also available in a bigger bottle but rarely go beyond a Champagne magnum.

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Champagne bottle size guide

Bottle Size Equivalent Serves
Mini Bottle  20cl 1/4 Standard Bottle Approx 2
Half Bottle 37.5cl 1/2 Standard Bottle Approx 3
Standard Bottle 75cl 1 Standard Bottle Approx 6
Magnum 1.5L 2 Standard Bottles Approx 12
Jeroboam  3L 4 Standard Bottles Approx 24
Methuselah 6L 8 Standard Bottles Approx 48
Salmanazar 9L 12 Standard Bottles Approx 72
Balthazar 12L 16 Standard Bottles Approx 96
Nebuchadnezzar 15L 20 Standard Bottles Approx 120


The 9 different Champagne bottles, explained

Champagne Bottle Sizes Guide


The Mini Bottle (20cl)

The mini bottle, also known as piccolo or quarter bottle, has an Italian origin and means “small”.

With a size of 20cl, mini bottles are equal to a quarter of a standard bottle. They are great for gift hampers or for an aperitif glass of bubbly. 


The Half Bottle (37.5cl)

The half bottle of Champagne has many names. Known as Demi bottle in French or “Fillete”, which means little girl, has a size of 37.5cl and is equivalent to 4 glasses of Champagne.

This bottle is great as a goodie bag for event gifting or celebrations for two.


The Standard Bottle (75cl)

The one and only. A standard bottle of Champagne is 75cl and serves around 6 glasses of Champagne.

These bottles usually share the same style, although some brands choose to use distinctive shapes to differentiate them from the competitors.


Magnum (1.5L)

The Magnum, “great” in Latin, has a size of 1.5L and is equivalent to 2 standard Champagne bottles or 12 glasses.

Champagne producers and experts state that Magnums are superior for ageing Champagne because the ratio of air to liquid is lower than in smaller formats.


Jeroboam (3L)

The Jeroboam (meaning He that opposes the people) or Double Magnum, was named in the early 19th century after Jeroboam, a king of Israel.

This bottle contains 3L of Champagne and is equal to 4 standard bottles. They are very popular for big celebrations such as weddings or events.


Methuselah (6L)

The Methuselah bottle was named after Methuselah, the ancestor of Noah who is said to have lived to the age of 969.

These bottles are 6L and are equivalent to 8 standard bottles.


Salmanazar (9L)

Named after the most famous Assyrian king Salmanazar III (858-824 BC), who is remembered as a great builder.

The Salmanazar contains 9L and is equal to 12 standard Champagne bottles.


Balthazar (12L)

The Batlhazar is said to be named after Batlhazar, one of the three wise men who presented a gift to Jesus. A second reference was Balthazar, the last king of Babylon (539 BC).

This bottle contains 12L and is equal to 16 standard Champagne bottles.


Nebuchadnezzar (15L)

This bottle was named after Nebuchadnezzar, the greatest king of Babylon, which during his reign became the cultural centre of the western world.

With 15L per bottle and equivalent to 20 standard bottles, the Nebuchadnezzar is the largest mainstream Champagne bottle available and is great for big meals or statements parties. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard Champagne bottle size?

The standard Champagne bottle has a capacity of 75cl

How many glasses are in a Champagne bottle?

There are 6 glasses in a standard Champagne bottle (75cl)

How many Champagne bottle sizes are there?

There are 9 different Champagne bottle sizes, and the most popular ones are the mini (20cl), standard (75cl) and Magnum (150cl)

What is the largest size Champagne bottle?

The largest Champagne bottle is the Nebuchadnezzar (15L), which is equal to 20 standard bottles and serves approximately 120 people

What Champagne bottle is bigger than a Magnum?

A Magnum bottle is 150cl and equivalent to 2 standard bottles and serves 12 people while Jeroboam is double the size of a Magnum, Methuselah is 8, Balthazar 16 and Nebuchadnezzar, 20

What are Champagne bottle sizes named after?

The largest Champagne bottles are named after biblical kings and figures suggesting greatness


So, to sum up…

Choosing one or another size of Champagne bottle will depend on the situation and experience you’re looking to have.

Smaller bottles are great for gifting aperitif or small celebrations while larger formats are ideal for bigger events and celebrations such as weddings, important anniversaries or business meetings.

If you’re interested in buying any of the 9 Champagne bottles, make sure to browse our extensive range of Champagne and find the bottle you need. 


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