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Sparkling Wines are produced in countries and regions across the world. Cava in Spain, Asti Spumante, Trento DOC and Prosecco in Italy, Cremant in Bordeaux, Blanquette de Limoux in Southern France, Espumante in Portugal and Cap Classique in South Africa. German, Austrian and Czech sparkling wines are called Sekt. England are producing awarding winning English Sparkling wines and Argentina have recently joined in with the release of 'Chandon'. Australia and Italy also produce red sparkling wines using the Shiraz grape. Sparkling wines can be made using methods such as the Charmat method, where the bubbles are introduced under pressure, whereas a Crémant Sparkling wine may only be used for wines that have been made using the méthode champenoise or traditional method, where the bubbles are made during fermentation. Our sparkling wine selection includes Nyetimber, Chandon, Bisol and many others.