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St Germain

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St-Germain elderflowers liqueur begins with something of a race against time as there is only a few fleeting weeks in the spring when fresh wild blossoms can be gathered for St‑Germain. While they are by no means rare, elderflower blossoms are maddeningly ephemeral, once picked and quickly lose their delicate fragrance and flavour. Descending the hillside, these diligent flower-gatherers carefully usher the umbrells of starry white flowers back to the village, often by bicycle. In just a few short weeks, all of the elderflowers that will become St‑Germain for that year will be harvested. That is why each bottle of St‑Germain is individually numbered.

St‑Germain is made in a slow, charmingly inefficient way, utilizing age-old French techniques. Hence, as a liqueur it is at once complex, pleasing and exceedingly rare. 

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