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Knob Creek

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Knob Creek is deeply rooted in American history. Shortly before Prohibition, bourbon reached an all-time level of quality. but in January of 1919, the eighteenth amendment was passed and took the boom out of bourbon growth. Fourteen years later, many distilleries were unable to restart production. The ones that did were financially forced to age their whiskey for shorter periods of time or to resourcefully blend their different whiskies. As a result, Americans developed a taste for softer whiskies, rather than the long-aged, big-flavoured straight bourbons of the past. Booker Noe, the father of Knob Creek was motivated by the opportunity of this time, and decided to create a spectacular bourbon that stood out against all others. When Booker fathered the small batch movement over two decades ago, he created Knob Creek to restore the standards of pre-prohibition bourbon. The result is an undeniably big, full flavour that strikes your senses with a maple sugar aroma and distinctive sweetness.

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