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Legend of Kremlin Premium Russian Vodka 50cl Gift Box


Legend of Kremlin Premium Russian Vodka 50cl is created by master Russian distillers, and made in custom-made copper vats, adding to its distinctive texture and rich, smooth taste. Legend of Kremlin follows a meticulous five-part distillation process using the highest quality filters made of marble, silver and platinum, producing an unrivalled purity. Featuring the exclusive Romanov Imperial Crest, each unique, elegantly hand-crafted Legend of Kremlin bottle assumes the form of a traditional 15th century Russian smoky grey crystal carafe used to serve the monarchy in ancient times.

To understand the flavour of Legend of Kremlin is to journey into the history of Russian achievements, for the story of vodka is the story of Russia.

Unique, luxury vodka, with clear notes and peppery aromas. The dry medium-full body lifts the palate with toasty grain cereal and delicate mineral flavours. With a sweet and spicy finish, the vanilla and honey draws you in, leaving you warm and satisfied.

Locally harvested oatmeal and honey along with nutrient-rich soil impart incomparable savour to Legend of Kremlin's Vodka. Earthy and lush, with undercurrents of natural spices, Legend of Kremlin's complex and sumptuous taste reflects the history and region from which it was forged. For centuries, vodka flowed from smoky glass decanters into golden goblets held by the ringed fingers of Russian kings and queens. Everyone within the inner circle — rulers, politicians and artists -- sipped the drink created by the ingenious old monk.

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Country Russia
Volume (cl) 50
ABV (% vol) 40
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