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Mar de Frades

Mar de Frades wines represent the deeply rooted traditions of the historic home of the Albarino varietal: Val do Salnes. Val do Salnes is where the story of mono-varietal Albarino wines began, and where the most sophisticated white wines from Spain are made, characterized by their freshness and aromatic intensity and as a result they produce one of the most respected white wines in Europe.

Mar de Frades is in a privileged location: the Arousa estuary overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Mar de Frades means Sea of the Friars in Galician language and is also the name of a place on the Arousa estuary near the mouth of the Umia river. History has it that pilgrims used to disembark at Mar de Frades on their route to the Camino de Santiago. The winery's modern, contemporary design resembles a beautiful sailboat.

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