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The Champagne Experience

Large Format Champagne Bottles Size Guide - How big is 'Big'?

3rd December

It's that Champagne time of year again to celebrate Christmas, New Year or simply say thank you. A standard Champagne bottle contains 75cl of Champagne giving you approximately 6 to 8 glasses of Champagne depending on your glass or flute size, but maybe you want to go with a bigger bottle as it's a special event. Large Champagne bottles are named after biblical figures and are with filled with Champagne that has been fermented in standard bottles or magnums. Champagne houses tend to choose their Brut Champagne to create their full range of sizes from the smallest 20cl to a 15 Litre bottle. Rosé Champagnes are also available in a bigger bottle but rarely go beyond a magnum. Here's your handy size guide with a comparison as to how much Champagne is in each.

Bottle                       Size              Equivalent
Magnum                 150cl           2 Standard Bottles
Jeroboam                300cl           4 Standard Bottles
Methuselah            600cl            8 Standard Bottles
Salmanazar            900cl           12 Standard Bottles
Balthazar               1200cl          16 Standard Bottles
Nebuchadnezzar   1500cl         20 Standard Bottles