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QuiQuiRiQui San Juan Del Rio Mezcal 70cl

QuiQuiRiQui San Juan Del Rio Mezcal 70cl comes from the riverside village it is named after, San Juan Del Rio, where a fourth generation mezcal producer, Don Modesto Hernandez, works with tiny batches, producing his spirit in almost the same traditional manner as the villagers of Santiago Matatlan. Where QuiQuiRiQui San Juan Del Rio differs is the blending process after the second distillation of the heads, hearts and tails of the spirit. QuiQuiRiQui mezcals are all handcrafted spirits, made in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

All QuiQuiRiQui produce are 100% agave from locally grown agave plants, matured for at least 7 years then roasted, fermented, and distilled using traditional methods and produced to order in small batches. Each batch varies

A lively citrus character, underpinned with fresh green agave flavours and floral notes with the classic peppery espadin bite.

very slightly in flavour because they are fermented with natural airborne yeasts and blended by hand. This single Palenque mezcal is made using mature espadin agave. It has a light smoky taste with some citrus and green agave flavours.

This mezcal is made to be enjoyed neat or to be used in cocktails.

More Information
Spirit Brand QuiQuiRiQui
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca, San Juan Del Rio
Volume (cl) 70
ABV (% vol) 48
Tequila/Mezcal Mezcal
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