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Glenmorangie's stills are the tallest in Scotland. Their long copper necks stand at 5.14 metres tall Which means that only the very lightest and purest vapours make it to the top, giving a smoother, more elegant whisky.Selecting the finest oak casks in which to mature their whisky only using each one twice ensuring that the maximum amount of flavour is always extracted during maturation, delivering a rounder, smoother taste. Having pioneered extra maturation over 20 years ago, Glenmoranie's whisky creators continue to travel the world in their search for exceptional casks that intriguing layers of flavours to the original character of Glenmorangie. The Champagne Company provides a wide selection of Glenmorangie whisky including Single Malt 10 year olds to 25 year old and specialist Glenmorangie Whisky.