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Candles by The Champagne Company are perfect as gift with any bottle of Champagne, as they give that lasting reminder of a champagne moment, each time they are lit transforming a room with an unmistakeable glow of luxury. Hand made in England, the waxes used are a blend of mineral and vegetable bases, with predominantly soya based vegetable wax.

The Champagne Company signature Candle has to be 'Celebration' Candle, inspired by vintage champagne, with notes of strawberries, jasmin and vanilla. Sparkling, happy and joyful we think this Candle gives the perfect measure of delicious, brioche warmth created by a lit candlelight for that magical celebratory moment. Candle light always sets the scene creating a feeling of warmth and luxury over a special bottle of wine at home; sharing with friends or family or just the two of you.