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Le Creuset Corkscrews bar and wine accessories make a great wine gift with a bottle of wine and are a popular choice for corporate wine gifts.  "The best corkscrew in the world..." was invented by Herbert Allen who made his mark inventing tools for the oil industry and parts for jet engines. In 1975 - the impetus for the invention came from his wife, who had a particularly frustrating experience opening a bottle of wine. After trying a number of corkscrews, all unsuccessfully, she gave up and presented her husband with the engineering challenge of a lifetime - to produce a corkscrew that would extract the cork effortlessly and perfectly every time. The Le Creuset Table Model was based on the simple premise that a cork could be removed from the bottle without force, injury or embarrassment, and was an instant hit. Le Creuset are also well known for collections of high quality oven cookware and accessories.