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Copperhead Gin Alchemist Gift Box 50cl

The producer Yvan Vindevogel has created three of what he calls "blends" to go with his Copperhead Gin. The Copperhead botanical blend is a little simpler than some of the new wave gins that have been launched recently.  It is comprised of 5 botanicals - juniper, coriander, cardamom, orange peel and angelica, creating a pefectly balanced mix. The nose shows a lot of coriander, whilst the juniper is clear with a touch of  cardamom to finish.  The palate begins where the nose leaves off and cardamom is at the forefront with some sweet orange peel coming through to help give the gin its distinctive length.

The three blends in the gift set are used in drinks much the same way as bitters, but are actually very different.  These tinctures


clock in at a massive 76%ABV or higher and are actually classed as food supplements due to the high concentration of certain ingredients within them.

Energeticum- The high concentration of Guarana within this blend makes it more of an energy supplement.  This is balanced with Mandarin and lemon to give a nice citrus edge. Aperitivum- Thanks to the grapefruit and Angelica, this blend will help awaken your taste buds before eating.  Lemon as well helps to give that classic citrus character that you find with Copperhead G&T's.Digestivum- The high concentration of ginger within this blend helps digestion, cutting through the food after a big meal.  Mandarin & Grapefruit are used here to add some refreshment.

More Information
Spirit Brand Copperhead Gin
Country Belgium
Volume (cl) 50
ABV (% vol) 40
Gin Style Dry Gin
Gin Botanicals Angelica, Cardamon, Coriander, Juniper, Orange Peel
Gin Garnish Orange Slice
Gin & Tonic Pairing 1724 Tonic, Fevertree Tonic
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