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A Non-Vintage Champagne (NV) is where Champagne is made from a blend of different wines from different years. The Winemaker balances the flavour, aromas and tastes uniformly year on year consistently producing a Champagne that the Champagne label is known for. A Non-Vintage Champagne must mature for a minimum of 15 months on the lees. Many prestige Champagne Houses blending and style of seasoning can produce very high quality Champagne. A Multi-Vintage Champagne is also a NV but considered premium due to a choice blend of certain years. We have an excellent selection of Non-Vintage Champagnes from Leading Champagne Houses including Veuve Clicquot Non-Vintage Champagne, Non-Vintage Moet & Chandon & Perrier Jouet Non-Vintage Champagne.