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Canard Duchêne is unique in its origins, history and style. The champagne house has been located in Ludes, in the Montague de Reims National Park since 1868. Its founders, Victor Canard and Léonie Duchêne, both well-known characters in Champagne, were granted the right by the Russian Imperial Family to adopt its coat of arms as the family emblem. The crown two-headed has thus appeared on every Canard-Duchêne label since the end of the 19th century. These authentic, original Champagnes combine fruit, intensity and complexity.
While the majority of leading Champagne houses are located in the urban setting of Reims or Epernay, Canard-Duchêne is unusually situated in Ludes, on a hillside, at the very heart of the Montague de Reims vineyards.
Located within the limits of the most prestigious terroirs, Ludes epitomises the magnificence of Pinot noir cultivated in Champagne. With its exceptional setting, Canard-Duchêne is a brand firmly rooted in the vineyard, synonymous with the fruit of the land, and deeply respectful of the local environment. Canard-Duchene, family-focused and independent from the outset, is still owned today by a family dedicated to the vine and its wines.