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Belenkaya Lux Vodka 70cl

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Belenkaya Lux Vodka is produced using the purest water and undergoes a special filtration process.The highest quality of Belenkaya is achieved by using charcoal filtration technology. This is the most effective distilling method, and this is the reason for the vodka’s legendary purity, taste, and aroma. Charcoal filtration is a special process in the production of Belenkaya which helps to achieve the absolute vodka purification. By passing through the charcoal vodka absorbs oxygen and obtains the ideal tasting notes. The charcoal brings out the delicate flavour and extra smooth taste. Only Belenkaya is produced using a 13-metre long filtration system which guarantees the product high quality of Belenkaya; the purest water and high quality


Lux spirit are the key ingredients of this classic Russian vodka.

More Information
Spirit Brand Belenkaya
Country Russia
Volume (cl) 70
ABV (% vol) 40
Vodka Style Pure
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